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Travelling to learn languages

Hello, travellers! Today, we will explore the advantages of travelling and how this experience can enrich our lives in a unique way. We will also delve into the importance of travelling for language learning, language immersion in a foreign environment, and how study trips and academic years abroad can change our perspective.

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Exploring the Wonders of German: Language, Culture and Opportunities

German, a language rich in history and cultural significance, presents itself as a linguistic powerhouse with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. In this blog post, we will briefly explore its history, characteristics, global significance and practical applications in business, education and politics. In addition, we will look at why learning German is a worthwhile endeavour and discuss various effective methods for mastering this influential language.

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Discover our Literary Recommendations: 10 Essential Books!

Hello to all our reading-loving followers! Today we share with you our 10 literary recommendations that you can’t miss. Whether you’re looking for excitement, mystery, love or adventure, this selection of books will satisfy all your literary desires.

This compilation comes from the books that we have been recommending on our networks (@englishlanguateinstitute), as they are readings that we often use in English during our courses and can also be suggestions for holidays, long weekends or simply when you are looking for something interesting to read suitable for your linguistic and age profile.

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Sant Jordi special article

There is no one who does not enjoy reading.” This statement may seem an exaggeration, but let’s reflect a little. It is true that there is reading for everyone, from passionate novels to non-fiction books that teach us about the world around us, and we can’t forget the comics! Reading is a door to the imagination, a window to knowledge and an opportunity to connect with other people, cultures and worlds.


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