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Objective: prepare an English exam with international validity

preparar examen de inglés

Many times we have important doubts when preparing an English exam. We often do not know which title is the easiest, which will have more international validity or which is the structure of the exam.

In this small article, we want to solve some of these doubts in order to take language courses aimed at obtaining a degree that suits the needs of each person. So if you are looking to get a degree to accredit your English level, read on !

English exams with international validity

There are currently several titles with international validity. Among them, some of English or American organizations that are well known and valued in our country and abroad stand out.

Currently, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), the IELTS (Test System for English as an International Language) and also the well-known Cambridge exams stand out. With the exception of the IELTS and the TOEFL (which only score from a B1 level), the rest of the exams generate a qualification that allows the candidate to be classified in levels ranging from A1 to C2.

Which English test is better to prepare?

When choosing a title or another, some factors can be taken into account. For example, if the English degree is needed to go to a certain country, it would be better if the chosen exam was originally from that country or the valuation you have there. Thus, in the case of the United Kingdom, Cambridge or IELTS, which is British English, is valued more. Meanwhile, in the United States they value the TOEFL option more.

On the other hand, you can also take into account the exam format and the tests in each one. That is, the way in which writing, listening, speaking or reading are evaluated. Each person may have better skills in one type of exercise than in another and that may depend on their success. In addition, some exams are performed on a computer instead of on paper, so if you want to discard that option you will also have to assess it.

Prepare an English exam to increase employability

In order to get a job, there are certain titles that are more striking for companies. Thus, in the case that one goes to work in Spain, all the mentioned ones receive enough prestige, and especially the Cambridge exams. These also offer the versatility of being a good reference not only at the Spanish level, but also to work internationally.

English for university

With the new education system, students need at least a B1 to access a university degree. And a good alternative in Spanish universities is to opt for titles of this language such as the PET of Cambridge. Because although that B1 can be obtained during the studies, having a degree that accredits this level will facilitate the work. And it can also help us to make the leap to the world of work.

They are also necessary to attend an Erasmus stay. The titles mentioned above would be valid to accredit the requested level, and the language courses to obtain the degree are highly recommended.

Prepare an English exam at a language school

In conclusion, to prepare an exam it is best to consult with a language school. These can offer a great deal of information regarding the exam and the most suitable titles in each case. And they will give us adequate preparation and ensure that we can obtain the degree we want.

In the English Language Institute of Granollers we are specialists in languages ​​in Granollers. And we have extensive experience in preparing international exams. So if you are thinking of facing one of these tests, do not hesitate. Call us!

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