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Learning languages when senior is full of benefits

languages when senior

Surely you’ve heard that you never learn like when we are little. However, today we talk about the benefits of learning languages when senior.

Although there is a widespread belief that the best time to learn a language is childhood, the truth is that any time in life is ideal to attend language courses if we intend to start studying. Why not start learning English or any other language after retirement?

Far from the occupations and other commitments that kept our agenda occupied, we have more free time than ever to start developing a new activity that has a number of advantages. In addition, it offers us the option of staying busy, having schedules and new habits that will lead to an interesting routine.

There is no age to learn languages ​​or other knowledge. We must banish false myths. You can continue doing it throughout your life and with the same results as at any other age.

But what do we get by learning new languages when senior?

Health benefits of learning languages when senior

Experts say that learning a language has many benefits for the elderly. Below, we list some of the most prominent.

1. Keep the mind active

Studying keeps our minds active and contributes to cognitive development comparable to brain training exercises. In addition, it decreases the chances of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

2. Strengthen memory

Studying is the best way to improve and keep our memory in perfect condition.

3. Provides faster cognitive speed

We will develop our cognitive speed as a direct consequence of that kind of mental gymnastics that we provide to our brain. Scientists point to a greater connection between neurons as a result of learning. Having to assimilate new concepts stimulates the brain and allows it to not wilt.

Benefits for psychological health of learning languages when senior

Also, from the point of view of psychosocial health, there are several advantages.

1. Help to socialize

It is the perfect excuse to leave home and have more social life. Going to classes at the language school allows to meet new people. It is the ideal opportunity to establish new friendships in the center you attend, but also outside it. Preparing group work, doing homework or studying for an exam are moments that make it easier to establish relationships with other people.

2. Lets be busy

People dedicate a multitude of weekly hours to our profession. When we retire, it is necessary to perform activities or have hobbies in our free time. This is something very important, as it will make us feel more useful.

3. Offer an excuse to travel abroad

Now that the obligations have decreased considerably, senior citizens are the time chosen by many people to travel. Learning a new language can be the perfect excuse to visit the country where it can be practiced.

Learn languages when senior

In conclusion, taking language courses in the elderly translates into a large number of benefits that should be taken into account. If, in addition to keeping the brain healthy and exercised, greater socialization is achieved, it is certainly worth doing the test to incorporate a new language to the list of those we already master.

So don’t think about it anymore. In the English Language Institute of Granollers we offer a wide variety of courses so you can start in a new language or retake the one you already know but do not control at all. Call us!

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