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Languages to train your brain

idiomes per entrenar el teu cervell

Do you know how useful can be languages to train your brain? Well, we tell you!

Many people go to a language school to take different courses that allow them to learn a second or third language. The benefits they usually look for are to communicate with other people, travel to other countries or learn a culture. However, the advantages of language courses go further and also have important benefits for the brain.

From our language school in Granollers we want to explain what these benefits are and why they are important for the brain. Next, we detail some of the most important so that it can be seen what is the importance of having several languages ​​on mental health.

Language courses to train your brain

The first of the benefits is the improvement of cognitive ability. That is, of the intelligence of people. In the brain there is an area dedicated to language learning. And by learning a second it is proven that this area and the hippocampus develop further. In addition, the curious thing is that this growth does not depend on the age at which this language begins to be studied.

We will also emphasize that, in relation to this aspect, neural connections increase in number. The most direct result of this fact is that we get our memory to improve, which is favored by the study of a second or third language.

Learning languages, an exercise for the mind

Second, we emphasize that language learning also serves as an exercise for the brain. If you want to maintain your health, you have to exercise it, and knowledge of a new language is one of the best ways to do it. Since it is related, this leads to people with a tendency to dementia to delay this process. Something similar to what happens in Alzheimer’s patients, who can get this process to be delayed if they have exercised the brain in different ways, such as learning languages.

Another advantage that we like to highlight is that learning a new language improves the ability to concentrate. Memorizing vocabulary and understanding grammatical structures means a great concentration when reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Finally, we have to highlight the remarkable improvement that occurs in relation to mental agility. By knowing two languages, people have a more moldable and flexible brain. The most direct implication of this is that they can adapt to situations more quickly and efficiently. Languages, especially the more different they are, show different perspectives that help to improve decision-making and the agility with which we choose what to do in each case.

Learning languages ​​in Granollers is simple

In short term, a language school not only serves so that people can communicate in a second language. The benefits on our brain are enormously positive and will keep us mentally healthy for a longer time. Therefore, more and more people are looking for this learning to learn languages to train the brain and keep it as young as possible.

In the English Language Institute of Granollers you can maintain your mental agility with our courses. So you know what to do if you want to keep your brain in shape. Get in touch with us to know everything we can offer you!

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