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Is it important to learn English from a young age?

The importance of learning English from a young age

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This makes learning English a crucial skill for children. Starting at an early age offers significant advantages, and there are several ways to teach them.

Advantages of starting early

1. Natural absorption: Children have an innate ability to learn languages. Starting early allows them to take advantage of this ability to absorb the language naturally.

2. Fluency and accuracy: Learning English from a young age facilitates accurate pronunciation and fluency. These skills become more difficult to acquire as you get older.

3. Early preparation: Knowledge of English prepares them for future academic and professional opportunities.

4. Improves Cognitive skills:



Different teaching methods for children

Games and songs are an effective and entertaining way to introduce English to children. Through music and fun, children learn vocabulary and basic structures in a natural way.


Reading stories in English is an excellent way to improve reading comprehension and expand vocabulary. Picture books can capture children’s imagination.


Specific Language Courses for Children: There are many language courses designed specifically for children, using pedagogical methods adapted to their needs and interests.


We are talking about Interactive Learning. Apps and online platforms offer an interactive and entertaining way to learn English. Many of these tools incorporate games, interactive exercises and progress tracking. If your son or daughter is one of those who are enthusiastic about electronic devices, an age-appropriate English app could be an encouragement for him or her.


On the other hand, language immersion involves exposing children to English in real-life situations. This can be through stays in English-speaking countries or participation in student exchange programmes.


Choosing the right method

The choice of teaching method depends on the needs and preferences of the child, as well as the availability of resources. It is important that learning is fun and encouraging, as this encourages motivation and persistence.


In conclusion, learning English from a young age is an investment in children’s future. It provides significant educational and professional advantages. The diversity of teaching methods available makes it easier to adapt to children’s individual needs and to make learning English an enriching and fun experience. With English, children can open up to the world and enjoy a life full of opportunities.


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