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Discover our Literary Recommendations: 10 Essential Books!

Hello to all our reading-loving followers! Today we share with you our 10 literary recommendations that you can’t miss. Whether you’re looking for excitement, mystery, love or adventure, this selection of books will satisfy all your literary desires.

This compilation comes from the books that we have been recommending on our networks (@englishlanguateinstitute), as they are readings that we often use in English during our courses and can also be suggestions for holidays, long weekends or simply when you are looking for something interesting to read suitable for your linguistic and age profile.

1. “A GAME OF THRONES” – George R.R. Martin (Epic Fantasy)

Based on the novels by George R.R. Martin, ‘A Game of Thrones’ is a saga set in a

fictional world where several noble families fight for control of the Iron Throne and the rule of the Seven Reins. Political intrigue, treachery and epic battles define this gripping story.

Recommended for young adults and adults interested in epic fantasy, intricate politics and character-driven stories.



2. “THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY” – Agatha Christie (Mystery / Detective novel)

The novel begins when the body of an unknown woman turns up in the library. Miss Marple and a police detective investigate the case. As the plot unfolds, a world full of secrets, deception and a mysterious past is revealed in a shocking conclusion.

This novel by Agatha Christie is one of her classic works of mystery, full of intrigue, interesting characters, and a of intrigue, interesting characters and unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers hooked until the very last page.

Suitable for teen and adult readers who enjoy classic mystery and detective novels.



3. THE CASUAL VACANCY” J.K. Rowling (Contemporary fiction)

This book draws us into the intertwined lives of the inhabitants of a small English village torn apart by the sudden death of a local council member. With complex characters and social issues, the author offers a penetrating insight into community life.

Recommended for young adults and adults who enjoy contemporary fiction and stories that explore social issues.



4. “EMERGENCY MURDER” Janet McGiffin (Mystery / Detectives)

When the wife of a prominent surgeon dies suddenly in the emergency room of a Milwaukee, USA hospital, Dr. Maxine Cassidy suspects murder. Maxine is determined to find the culprit and begins an investigation of her own. However, when someone tries to kill her, she begins to question which of her medical colleagues she can trust.

This is a B2 level book in the Cambridge English Readers collection, very entertaining books with the added bonus of an audio book.



5. “JUNGLE LOVE” Margaret Johnson (Romance / Adventure)

On an adventure holiday in the Caribbean, Lisa and Jennifer share a room. They are very different people and don’t understand each other. However, they have one thing in common: they are both in love with Ian. But what about Ian’s girlfriend Caroline?

Recommended for young adults and adults who enjoy love stories and following the relationships between the characters as they develop.




6. “AND THEN THERE WAS NONE” Agatha Chirstie – (Thriller / Mystery)

Agatha Christie brings us in this other novel a disturbing intrigue. It is a classic of the ‘whodunit’ genre. After an invitation on a seemingly idyllic island, guests begin to die one by one, leaving the reader to wonder who the murderer is.

Suitable for teen and adult readers looking for a gripping thriller and a fascinating mystery.


7. “THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS” Sophie Kinsella (Romantic comedy)

A funny story about a businesswoman who, after a catastrophic mistake, ends up working as a housekeeper for a wealthy family. With hilarious situations and tender moments, this novel reminds us that love and humour can be found in the most unexpected places.

Aimed at an adult audience interested in romantic comedy and stories about second chances.


8. “THE GIRL DONDE THE TRAIN” Paula Hawkins (Psychological thriller)

We are immersed in a plot of intrigue and mystery as we follow the life of a woman named Rachel who observes people’s lives from the train. When one of the people she observes disappears, Rachel finds herself embroiled in a dangerous investigation full of secrets.


Recommended for teen and adult readers who enjoy psychological thrillers and intriguing plots.



9. “THE DETENCION DETECTIVES” Lis Jardine (Juvenile Fiction / Mystery)

These books follow a group of students who decide to use their detective skills to solve crimes within their school. With charismatic characters and intriguing mysteries, this novel captivates the reader with exciting adventures.


Suitable for young readers interested in mysteries, detective stories and school adventures.



10. “LITTLE COFFEE SHOP FROM KABUL” Deborah Rodríguez (Contemporary fiction)

Set in Kabul, this novel by Deborah Rodriguez takes us inside a small coffee shop where female customers gather to share stories, dreams and secrets amidst the tensions and political changes in Afghanistan. It is a play that explores the lives of women in a changing society.

Suitable for young adults and adults who enjoy contemporary fiction and stories with exotic settings and fascinating characters.



Reading in other languages is a great way to enhance your language learning and enrich your understanding of culture and language. Don’t be afraid to explore new books and enjoy the learning journey that reading can offer. Ask for information about more books we work with during ours courses. Have a good literary journey!

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