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Learning English


I have never been good at remembering names or even people’s faces but I can say that sometimes what people have told me or some comments I’ve heard have stuck onto my mind and have remained there until present day. The teacher in charge of that workshop in Barcelona asked us to stand up and walk around the room reading the questions that were up on different pieces of coloured paper. We were supposed to write an answer that was going to be shared with the rest of the colleagues in the room. I can’t remember how many questions there were. I only remember one: “Why do you like teaching?”. I also remember what I wrote: “ Because I can see how someone progresses in learning the language and I feel satisfied that I have been part of that process”.

It’s been more than twenty years since then. Now I see adults that started to learn English at a very early age and we have long conversations without changing to our mother tongue. I look back in time and think that maybe that inexperienced young teacher helped them a bit to improve in their knowledge of this foreign language. I feel good and I feel really proud of what I do.

I love English and I love teaching. I walk into a room and the shy insecure woman turns into a confident English teacher who knows what she wants students to learn in every class and tries to do her best to make them see how well they can do it. Have I always succeeded? Surely not. Most of the times I walk out of the class and think that the way grammar was presented was not adequate, that the order of activities done in class was not the right one, that that speaking activity didn’t work well in that class. But that feeling is what makes me prepare a better lesson for the next time and make sure that people in that class will learn and will have fun learning. And students appreciate that and they see the effort you make to make them learn. And that makes me feel good because I love English and I love teaching.

Tornar A Dalt