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Learning a Language

Whether you like it or not, English is now essential in everyday life. Why can’t everyone speak Spanish or Catalan?! Is English really so important? In a word: yes! It’s become the global language and also the most widely spoken language in the world – in fact there are more non-native English speakers than native speakers. Due to globalization English has become a necessity in many different aspects of life, from business to media and travel to entertainment – you will find it everywhere, even in your own language (parking, camping, meeting, happy meal etc).

When you learn English it is important that you see it not only as just another subject to learn, but also as a way to broaden your horizons, create new opportunities for yourself and to communicate with other people you wouldn’t otherwise get to know. A Spanish company which does business with a Chinese company will speak to each other in English. You will be able to use it whenever you go on holidays abroad (unless you want to make the effort to learn a new language every year!). And you will be able to watch your favourite film and TV stars in the original version and find out if they are actually good actors or just talentless puppets blessed with good looks.

As you can see, global business, the entertainment industry and travelling are just a few reasons to learn English. It’s never too late to start and no matter what your level is, you can always improve!

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